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Fraghero Launched!
Published on 29-12-2016

We are Welcome to Fraghero, a new company in the PTC market.
We are starting a new site with new features that are not given by any site till now. We have all new things in site so that our customers will easily access to their account and their time will not waste. We are here to help our clients who are our assets. We do our best for this site so it will be popular to the audience.

We are launching this site with all new features that will help you in making money easily and in less time. We have different offer according to want of our customers. This is good platform for all of you to make money. 
So don't waste your time and make money for your future. 

Free Golden Membership for one month + 0.50$ in purchase balance enjoy this offer till 5th January.

Thank you

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